Friday, June 23, 2017


she wrapped herself
in complaints
and walked down
cracked pavements
in hope she
would stumble

he cloaked himself
with stuff
yet wandered out
in flea markets
to bring manifested
pennies back
to his garbage barge

they showered themselves
with compliments
but then asked
why oh why us
when there's
no more room
for any one else
to pay them praise

he dressed himself
in sarcasm
and ran off
into the wild
to find the genuine
among the fake

she draped herself
with fears
and sat alone
in the dark

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


a secret conversation
out in public
as I waited for the light
a signal to go but
waited there
watching a man
motioning in the air
on his scooter
he carried on with
the vehicle to his right
but I didn't know
the language of his hands
and the green signaled
me through and turned
to pass another man
on his bike on the shoulder
with a guitar on his back
and he motioned too
repeatedly he did
bringing his arms high
to heaven
or somewhere else overhead
as he cycled down
the shoulder of the interstate
I turned to myself
and asked what the hell
was that
and pinched myself
to make sure I wasn't still
in the dream from last night
where I cut down
a towering century old fir
with a tiny saw
at my mom's house

Monday, June 19, 2017


is there any relevance
to 24 hours in the chasms of space

how wrapped up are we
in this bubble of blue days

for everything to spin attuned
to the hum of the blazing core

what will happen to us
if we let go of the seasons

what will become of our senses
when we lose sight of the blue
when we lose our turn

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Garden jam

some dill, oregano
some dill, oregano
beets, beets, beets, beets, beets
I said potato
leeks, leeks, leeks, leeks, leeks
heirloom tomato
watermelon on the vine in the sun
bumblebee buzzing, having fun
viceroy floating in the breeze
damn you squirrel swinging in the trees
I said potato
seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds
that green tomato
basil, basil, basil, basil, basil
grab my hoe
I can't find my hoe
dog is digging in the flower bed
birds are chirping somewhere overhead
I should have planted roses over there
what's that odor in the air
I said potato
weeds, weeds, weeds, weeds, weeeeeeeeeds

Thursday, June 15, 2017


in the desert 
they were rivers of belief
flowing through tamarisk
and under catalpa blooms
their fingers snaked through
the arid sand
licking it with their
aqueous tongues
those ancient serpents
who led us out of paradise
to wander deserts 
to wonder and question
the mirage in front of our eyes
the flames of creation
raising images from the ground
pulling clouds from the earth
to give us sips
to quench our thirst
a thirst that pulls us from the earth
and floats us down 
those rivers

Friday, June 9, 2017


do sprouting seeds
lift their leaves
through the spring mud
as a gesture
of giving the finger
to the cruel winter
for stealing their time
and making them
wait in frozen sod
and shell and wet
for a chance
a slight chance
to poke ahead
and peek about
and shout aloud
with root and stem
and bud and bloom

Eat yet?

we are a feast
not yet but soon
in the ticking of
a vulture claw
the clock soars high
in a desolate sea
the sun bleached sky
a ravenous fiend
no shady tree
for you or me
the buzzard's nose
knows not yet
but soon we're food


white needle eyes
sew up the sky
quilting the clouds
that snag on trees
their remnant fluff
flies like cotton stuff
in June afternoons
among poppy blooms
but better yet
is their raining wet
after they grow too
dark and cold
for white needle eyes
to mend them

Thursday, June 8, 2017


I gave you a ladder
to climb deep inside me
I was the dark depths
of a cavernous soul
carved of dripping time
the stone of my heart
I wasn't a wall
for you to topple
I wasn't a sea
for you to part
you ascended into me
with your light
with your warmth
you swept away
the stale cold of my stone
and we melted
in a pool of fire