Wednesday, March 22, 2017


daring to raise their heads
as a masked rabbit may hold a blade to their necks
those below rise again
from their solemn soiled dwellings during winter's spell
a humble rise from a low curtsy
to raise their faces and praise the gold that has called them forth
these children are reflections
the great and tiny and many mimickers of their solar lord
earth only holds their feet
or else they would take flight as soon their children will
off into the robin egg sphere
with the silky spider spindles that weave the cotton of clouds
into the crystal showers
that don the necks of those that have risen again

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vial trial

 have you found my vein
on which to quench your thirst
deliver your fumes
and I'll be your dizzy tazzle
dancing to your rhythm
beating in my brain

I can't remember the words
to banish you
my mouth's too dry
to speak them
so I'll swallow you again
and be your dizzy tazzle
staring at the wall

your tears have taken me
into the wilds beyond
and I have sank off the coast
where I left my skin
and I sink even more
as you force your way in
make me your dizzy tazzle
and all of mine is yours

your cough is my breath
your tears my blood
and if you sliced me open
I'd pool your reflection
whisper that I'm your dizzy tazzle
'cause my ears are closing their doors
and the light is growing dim

Monday, March 20, 2017

Vile viral

a simple breath
the invitation sent
and received
for I to play host
to a gaggle of goblins
and ghouls that drool
in my skull
and run amok behind
my eyes
the heat of their bonfires
burns in my brain
and their soiled levity
drains down my throat
to puddle and sour
my breath
and gives rise to phantoms
who howl through the night
to steal rest and sleep
from my wretched soul
the ghastly gang
spits their poison
with every hacking cough
with every sudden sneeze
to send out more invites
hooks for hosts

Monday, March 6, 2017

The wash

plunged into the scalding water
his hands knew not the heat
they were weathered leather
that tossed me about
agitating my fibers
in the suds adulterated 
with the soil and soot of my being
from those depths 
I was flung into the air
to smash against a rock
again and again and then
plunged into the clear rinse
the cold water of the earth
soaking my soul with its wet
his fingers the hooks to pull
at my flesh
and thresh the perfumed soap
out of me
to repeat the toss in the air
and plummet against stone
and the twisting clench
the wringing of my body 
to pour my condition 
out onto the thirsty grass
and thrown onto the sisal
where wooden teeth sink 
into my worn, aching skin
and I dripped into the wind...

will you cut me down 
when I hang to dry

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Snow lights

orange of street lamps fades
among the dark tree-laden fissures
within the brightening gray sky above
hovering over the park below
Mesmer's envy is felt
in the show of floating flakes
within the last minutes of
the street lamp glory
no greater hypnotist exists
than these clippings of
the frozen clouds
in their journey in the breeze
and their pause in stillness
but journeys carry on
shaken awake by worn roads
in the waning winter morning

Monday, February 27, 2017

In windows

a man of glass
stained and jagged and smooth
you see through his colors
as many and brilliant they are
that glimmer through the day
and glow in the night
each segment of his light and hue
the man knows
and he paces the floor each day
from one wall to the opposite
very carefully and in thought
to return and do it over again
starting at the same place
the next morning
he's ethereal in falling
and sharp and focused in standing
and so very allergic
to baseballs and stones

Sunday, February 26, 2017


she is a puzzle
each piece needing the others
but earthquakes overlook
that one simple fact
and start to shake her apart
the wind scoffs
and flicks a piece away
here and there
to the amusement of itself
the pieces are so random
that she is left
not knowing if her legs
will hold her up
if her lungs
will fill with air
if her head
will stay on her shoulders
or if her heart
will beat a steady drum
she just waits
near the window glass
watching the pieces fly by
while she pieces together
a puzzle of her own

Friday, February 24, 2017

The couple at February's end

he holds his tricks
tucked up his white sleeves
those varied heady silken hues
he pulls forth when no one looks
and passes them to her
she who glows in the sun
waiting for glass to trickle
and flow away into the unseen
where her children play
and suckle from her breast
and wriggle from her bosom
to be plucked up by his own
to find themselves swimming
at the end of a string in bitter waters
while his own wait for a bite

their marriage is made in time
and is spoken over bottles of wine
by those who spied his tricks
and have witnessed her unseen
and speak of it as though they're old friends
who live just down the road
in the house no one visits anymore

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Deserted dreams

desert falls behind his eyelids
a blessing from dream givers
something to soothe his soul
from his oceanic travelling

the ocean he sailed was forever
even when he fell overboard
and drifted towards the bottom
there was always another drop

the waves were shaken
not stirred in his realm
he would drown by night
and wash up on some stranger's shore

he needn't some star above his seas
to guide him to the strangers' shores
he was skilled and very well versed
to give into the draw to knock at those doors

it was in those blurry waters
that he never heard a no
it was only in the damn desert
that he learnt of limits

to find the desert behind his eyelids
that out of all he found to rely on
the leftovers of the dream givers
who apparently had holes in their sacks

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


the longer the fall
the more boredom sets in
that initial horror
when it's realized
the fall is taking place
or even the precursor of dread
of even entertaining the idea
that the fall might even occur
that all becomes melting butter
the longer the fall takes place
most falls are momentary
a ripping off of the band-aid
and BOOM!
destination is realized
be it the sidewalk pavement
a parking lot below
the 6th floor window
ground floor inside
an elevator shaft
the water's surface
waiting for the diver
whatever it may be
most are soon and quick
yet there are those stealthy ones
that have someone in their grasp
without them even knowing it
so there's not even the initial shock
or maybe there was
it was just ignored
and BOOM!
one is plummeting and detached from
the entire thing
and with that previously mentioned boredom
more of what caused the fall
is sought and bought at whatever price
because dammit
nobody wants to be bored
when they're falling