Thursday, April 19, 2018

Just the sip

sip of my cup
I have filled it for thee
please drown thine worries
upon thy bended knee

sip and sip again
from my shining chalice
surrender thine trembles
to my pleasure palace

quench your thirst
on my fountain for thee
I even have a cushion
for thy bended knee

come hither I plead
for thee to drink thine fill
lap up my sweet nectar
give in to my will

sip of my cup
it awaits your warm lips
please come and drink
before it spills or drips

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April prayer

spare the salt shaker
oh lord
this spring has been
over seasoned
and your children
long to play in color
instead of sulk
in monochrome ice
we tire of the flake
we tire of the freeze
oh lord please
put down the salt shaker
let us see the reason
for this season
to bud, to bloom
to break free from sleep
and awake from wintry horror
to hear the little birds cheep
and the crickets squeak
spare us the crunch of snow
under tires and feet

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


thirty minutes
before the end
of a shift
is a pill taken
a dipping
of the toe
into a warm
soothing bath
the first steps
of a walk
through the woods
on a crisp
October eve
a harvest of
and seeing the
wine in the small
dark violet
filled fruit

Saturday, April 7, 2018


brittle are the branches
of the forest
of the tall skeletal trees
the white leather bark
bares the lack
of trust
and the saturation
of fear

the tall skeletal trees
hide behind
their gray barrels
their money masks
their churchy charms
their wind

they rattle their laws
in the ravenous tempests
the yellowed faded laws
that fall to the floor
to be trodden upon
until they are earth itself

the tall skeletal trees
that have a taste
for their own
bleached flesh
and impatiently wait
in the ravenous tempests
for one of their own
to fall
into the puddles of piss
they sip from

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Conversation with a shapeshifter

I was shutting
the doors to
my optical cabinets
when a curious fellow
introduced himself
with a sharp and
malevolent grin
as I gazed upon him
I couldn't grasp
a clear image of
what his face might be
for with each ticking
of each second
on the clock down the hall
I was looking upon
a different face
his form would not
or maybe even could not
rest on one image
at first I was amused
with the wonder
of the fluid face
but tired soon
and began questioning,
"Who are you?"
"What do you want?"
"Why are you here
in all these various forms?"
then slowly yet abruptly
the fellow chose
to come to rest
upon a hideous sight
that very one mentioned
previously concerning the grin
and his eyes were large
dark blue empty circles
with his triangular teeth
shown gritted and full
while his words spilled
out from somewhere else
and his words more hideous
than his expression 
when he told me,
"I am you within"

Robin snow

this bit of chill
this bite of cold
the pale hand
not letting go
of the bare tree branches

this layer of fluff
it is just enough
to cover the green
so eager to spring
from thawing earthly beds

this here today
gone tomorrow snow
that reveals nights
and hides away
morsel crumbs from robins

Friday, March 30, 2018


we placed a glass
to separate us 
yet to view
what we no longer
wanted to be
a part of
still we have traded
this division
for a revision
of what is in
front of our eyes
for what we want
to see
leaving us blind
to reality
and numb to humanity
and looking through
a glass darkly

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


serpents arise
from the pit hole
in the corner of the cube
ascending from the
abysmal shadows
of the floor
they claim the shelf
for their own
devious deeds
coiling around the feet
of the two faces
staring blankly
into the space
of the cube
in dust
and wasted time
the serpents are still
and silent under
the gray horizon
waiting for the mouse
to move

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Lodged in dreams

while searching 
for a story
in a rural field of
the astral plain I
drifted to last night
I happened upon
a secret society
of men who built
without nails
though the ceiling
of their lodge
was grinning with
an iron smile
and their members
were strangers
though I knew
one or two of them
but the leader
was invested to show
me their ways
and we left the lodge
into the sudden night
and pondered those
who may fly
through darkened skies
and I confessed I had
seen some before
as we watched remnants
of a flare
fall down upon
the grassy floor
yet waking had
other plans 
and grabbed my shoulder
to pull me from
the scene
though I longed for
and struggled to
remain in the dream