Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mind bomb

my head bloomed
and grew wings
and detached from my neck
to fly off into the clouds

it rose past mountains
whose rocks only
weigh them down
from reaching any further
and bursting the Earth's bubble

it soared past planes
full of people escaping
whatever they found
so unbearable in their lives

it waved goodbye to
the arachnid astronauts
who like to weave their
webs in the outermost air

it was then absorbed
into the sky beyond
the sky and swam through
emptiness and vastness
until it reached eternity
where it exploded
just in the nick of time

Monday, August 21, 2017

First mentioned

and the gates were opened
not to let another in
but to prevent the rest
from staying
the throngs were emptied
out onto the land
that had been ravaged
by the beasts with
savage hearts
and the beasts were
put to radiant sword and
laid low upon the earth
the throngs spared
not one of the beasts
with savage hearts
and stole up into
the sky all those
whose hearts bore true
in the fiery hands
of the throngs
and the land stained
with the blood of the beasts
began anew
in the idleness of those
taken to the sky
to bear again the spirit
breathed upon it

Sunday, August 20, 2017


the night will swallow you up
muted sounds will reverberate
in your soul as your body takes
in the dark you will drown in
gentle light of stars once known
will hold you as you pass away
not even the moon has risen
to show you a fond farewell
the frozen night will have to do
its hollow canvas your shroud
to bed you in your quiet grave
you needn't anymore than this
to fall into the unknown now
for soon, so very soon after
what's known will be gone
as you close your eyes and

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Chinese lanterns

in the evening
of summer
under August moons
revelries of those
unseen chase
through the grass
and the unseen
become present
by the light of
Chinese lanterns
the tiny lights
are carried off
into forest depths
to pass under
fern fronds and
over lawns of moss
to the ring of
ivory toadstools
illuminated by
the light of
Chinese lanterns
mystery begins
the dance with
magic and wonder
cuts in now and
then through the
peeping eyes
of quiet children
as they sit and
watch the revelries
of those unseen
who become present
by the light of
Chinese lanterns

Friday, August 18, 2017

Siding with sunflowers

from my car I watched a woman
walk her dog this morning
through an overgrown field
and she came to the edge
purposefully like a bee
driven to the towering sunflower.
her dog wanted to venture further
and tugged at the leash
but she tarried at the giant.
on the radio played
some disturbing composition
from the early 20th century
so apropos for the botanical
Hitchcock horror playing out
in front of my eyes.
the woman grabbed the giant
by the throat and bent one
of the slender arms down
to the level of her wicked eyes.
she then started to tug at the branch
to pluck the flower from its stem
and struggled in keeping her dog
from bounding fourth while
she sought her floral plunder.
using a key as a makeshift blade
she tore through the stem.
I thought to myself how she
would like it if someone was to
bend her over and saw off her
genitalia with a makeshift blade.
after severing the flower
she sauntered back through
the overgrown field with her mutt.
"I hope it's full of ants!"
I muttered through gritted teeth.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hun's hymn

the call out in the dark
haunting songs of a loon
these he dances by
the vacant heart of Hun
he is only emboldened
by the light of the moon
this he dances in
the vacant heart of Hun
for fearful cries at night
one will hear very soon
these he thirsts for
the vacant heart of Hun
as twilight steals the day
and midnight is his noon
the dawn he dreads
the vacant heart of Hun

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Lovely skin

lovely skin,
my shadows
to lurk in
and under.
to be the
breath last
the moment
a regurgitation
of mistakes.
the broken
record played
even after
the last day
spent in hell.
the assumption.
the herding
of humans
into dark and damp
without their
that lovely skin
that keeps
their hope alive.
to hope they
may differ.
they may be
separate and
the lovely skin
without that
strips them bare
to bleed into
the pool
they all swam in
and knew of before
their lovely skin.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

In August

I can only be there
and hold him
and caress his hand
and listen
to his loss
to know his grief
and who is missing
and why he's missed
I can only know
how he's touched his life
and so many others
how he shone when
he was present
how he was always ready
to help anyone and everyone
and how he wished
he had his help now
even for just a minute or two
to hold him
and caress his hand
and listen

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hibiscus and gravy

you didn't stay long
folding your scarlet napkin
and tossing it to the ground
the lunch was short
but worth every sip
I drank of you

Cloud drift

some man stared down at me
as I watched him pucker his lips
he turned his eyes to
focus on the end of his nose
and transformed his
face into a baboon's
as he faded into the ethereal
another man's face came to be
right to next to him
with muted features
but didn't stay long
a giant baby chick
began slowly sailing by
and in the distance
a cat peeked around
the corner and wore
a dragon smile
I don't think the chick
knew about the cat
when they both
swirled back into the ocean
they were created from