Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sky shatter

yellowing of the day
will the sky
break away
to let the dark
seep in
indigo blues gray
in the withering eve
as empress hues
take their leave
then the sky shatters
leaving the gleaming
glass dust
scattered across
the silent abyss
and wonder slowly
turns in spacious spirals
until light seals up
the mystery
behind the blue veil

Monday, June 11, 2018

Lure of leaf

whispering of the green
softly in the breeze
a breath upon the cheek
turning the head with ease
the blades upon the grass
lay down their warring path
calls the maiden trees
softly in the breeze
their melodic siren song
fills the feathery throng
and slips down swaying salix strings
to fill the pool with rings
the music in the air
seems to come from over there
yet when there does become here
the music moves far from near
'tis a dancing deer
as it moves far from near
through the foxfire gloam
when fireflies dare to roam

Friday, June 8, 2018

The well

the well remains
a deep dim reflection
of the sky above
its eye watches
time drag through
the sky above
its wet pupil
waits for more 
moisture to leak
from the sky above
its only holy hope
for existence is
from the sky above
after buckets dip
deeper into the well
and it recedes further
into the cold abyss
and faces who peer
into the eye of the well
have come and gone
passing by to either
heaven or hell
the soulful eye
deep in the ground
still watches its lover
in the sky above


she draws her dreams
on the sidewalks
for people to tread upon
and the only ones
who gaze into
her imagination
splattered on the pavement
are the bowing sunflowers
at the end of August
the rains carry the pigments​
of her drawn out figments
into the gutters
making way for more

Coin spin

such a busy world
all because they
want what they
don't have already
is that the signal
blaring out from
the molten core
to go and get
there's always
something more
and the more
always has a price
for there is no free
in this blood soaked
earthly economy
just ask the bird
that ate the worm
that ate the leaf
that ate the earth
and the air and sun
the coin spins 
until it's spent

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


a fly danced
on the letters
at my fingertips
its moves made
me pause my own
it seemed to
revel in the
oiled keys
as it did 
as it pleased
it came to rest
above the asterisk 
to bathe its wings
and its eyes
then flew off
such the way
of flies

Thursday, May 31, 2018


a trickle 
from the ears
a sprinkle
from the nose
a light mist
from the eyes
as the storm
within brews
the turning 
twisted thoughts
funnel into 
a verbal downburst
and lays flat
all in the way
with the straight line
windy bellow
out the mouth
thus beware the signs
of braindrops

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The bird

blackbird with his
robin blue smile
perched on the eave
of a house no
longer a home
his gluttonous grin
is the bow 
in the roof line
as the sky gleams
off the ocean depths
found in his feathers
his call 
the chill of night
dancing in his
malicious stare
as he writes ​out
his devious deeds
in the air with his beak

Monday, May 28, 2018

Ashen arms

you held me in
your bare arms
within gray skies
wet with vacant thoughts
and barren time
you held me
when there
was no more
need for tears
no longing
for lips to meet
no urge to
reach out
for touch
in pain or
in joy
as all the blood
had dried
all the air
had blown away
and vacancy
was our company