Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October dream

strange to think
the old barn wood
mere planks the shell
between an inner sanctum
and an outer hell
but hidden behind the hay
we laid and shivered
fear the cold blanket
holding us in icy arms
for war it was
that flourished out there
beyond those planks
an unknown battle
plaguing an unknown land
as if tornadoes themselves
were playing chess
on a Sunday afternoon
the enemy could be glimpsed
through the spacing
of those mere planks
and it was through those spaces
a hand tore into
to grab my shoulder
to drag me near
to hold me against that shell
in a terrified ecstasy
in that place of hell

Friday, October 13, 2017

A cup of laughter

his name was Edward St. James
resting now in the bone yard
atop the hill to the south
some say he had a good end
only aware that undoubtedly
he laughed until he couldn't
but little was known of the cause
that started his laughable plague
and still less was sought after
after Edward gasped his last breath

he had just returned from a venture
to the north to a relative for riches
the distant once removed such and such
had overlooked his sisters the bitches

thus all that glittered in his clutches
was bestowed to someone he knew little
twas Edward who had never even met
his benefactor known for frequent spittle

the lawyers had said all their spiel
and left Edward with his lot in the hall
among all the house keys, deeds and coins
a curious glass chalice stood tall

it glimmered just so in the dim light
to catch Edward's attention and eye
as he looked into the crystal cup
a faint design he thought he could spy

the ancient home had been greatly ignored
over the years the owner laid expiring
so Edward decided to return to his own home
as the whole trip had been trying and tiring

once there he relayed the news to friends
and reveled in his new found gold and wealth
pouring wine, Edward chose his new chalice
and his party drank to good luck and health

the first drink from the cup hit him hard
and Edward soon found himself in a stupor
but he continued with cheers after cheers
to where his boisterous laughter was super

the volume and frequency continued
until the rest of the room was still
yet Edward continued hollering his cheer
which was apparently beyond his own will

this condition stayed through the night
ravaging Edward's body with trepidation
he was bedridden for three more days
until he was met with his own expiration

the room was piercingly filled with quiet
once it was emptied of Edward's last breath
the smirking chalice stood tall on the table
having the last laugh in Edward's death

Monday, October 9, 2017

Fore the freeze

the hours are a plague
in the October sun
their master Beelzebub
dances on my fingertip
as I lean my back
against the maple's
widening base
each sigh of the breeze
plucks another leaf
from the blushing trees
and spotted bugs ravage
the green for aphids
this moment I will lament
a month and more from now

Turtle in man's clothing

there was a turtle
dressed in old man's clothing
soliciting for smokes
at the courthouse today
he slowly paced the sidewalks
and would snap at passersby
with his ultimate goal
"Hey, do you have a cigarette?"
he hid under his brown hood
in the weathered clothes
and disguise he pulled off well
but it was his pace and gait
that was the revealing tell-tale

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


hold me in your waters
let me pool in your memory
I will be the ebb and flow
of your blood
the rise of tempest lust
the thrashing of gale licked seas
and the still reflection
holding your face in seeming glass

hold me in your waters
until the final air escapes
and I abandon the world I knew
to surrender to your ocean depths
let your current carry me out
into those cold dark depths
to lay me upon the sandy floor
where we will sleep
until eternity awakes us

Thursday, September 28, 2017


hollow is your name
for what is in it
the letters to sound out a familiar beckon
a recall of long past genetic couriers
who mingle within your pool
it is a shell, an abode
donning your self chosen this time
on the merry-go-round
to look upon this world
from your perched perspective
choosing to see
believing the sight
right in front of your eyes
when someone else 
holds out their hand
and gives you their same hollow name

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Gentle fear

gentle fear
a song at eve
the severing of sight
the ceasing of light
what beholds in
the folds of night
the awe in
gentle fear gazing far
into reaches beyond
any hallowed star
the chaos eternal
in boundless dark
the cold chill
raising hairs in
gentle fear
the kiss of fright
pounding of chest
shaking of heart
loss of movement
and of thought
surrendering to
the fallen stars
within the folds
of the night
in absence of breath
in absence of light
this gentle fear
holding you near
for to it
you are ever so dear

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


this whole existence
one giant suggestion box
from each life, each death
an input of varying perceptions
an interjection of choices
an often gaggle of arguing voices
for each one knows the better route
the ignorant with hate for the unknown
the intellect with hate of not knowing
give us our rest in death
even there will we hear worms scream
and those scratching at their coffin lids
who have a better idea for their last breath
for bless that hindsight in all its lessons
the know-it-all in unblemished glory
the elusion of life

Monday, September 25, 2017

The visitor

the sun had blinked
and the night was tucked in
a soft darkness befell the house
whose views rolled out
into nothingness
a small glimmer haunted
an upstairs bed chamber
a youth old enough
to remain in the house alone
read by candlelight
in all the attention paid to
the words on the page
a distraction tempted to
lure the youth away
it was the way the humble light
glided across the walls
and danced off the vanity
an oval mirror minding its own
business in the corner of the room
the temptation too great
the youth tip toed out of bed
with the candle stick in hand
abandoning the book and its words
the glow grew, casting greater shadows
yet all was cast aside for the youth
as the reflection in the glass
intensified in the shallow dark
the youth took a seat
and beheld what the mirror spoke
pupils dilated in its depths
and the surrounding room
vanished from the ghostly vision
a being took form behind the youth
with horrific radiance and hue
the hypnotic rapture froze the youth in place
as this apparent being of light laid
its hands upon the youth's shoulders
a voice emitted not from the vision
within the mirror but instead
resounded from above the youth's head:

"I am time, the same of which you read.
I am always thirsty, and I am never full.
I will permit you to see me only this once,
but you'll never keep me from savoring your soul."

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Flowers among flames

those petals to shed
the tears to pluck from the heart
he loves me... he loves me not
he is the shadow to abandon
to what was
to relinquish to the flames
of all consuming time
he is the promise broken
the potential unreached
he is the discarded shell
so soon grown out of
he holds the thoughts
that once were truths
and the ideas whose
brilliant blooms have
now faded gray
he is those petals to shed
the tears to pluck from my heart
I love him... I love him not