Tuesday, October 18, 2016


eye know
eye see
all those events
that make people
squirm in their seats
sitting before someone
whose known to have
done something that
makes them squirm 
in their seats
eye know
eye see
all those things
violent hands stained
red with guilty blood lust
reaching deep into the physical
to pull that maimed psychotic rabbit
out of the forgotten chaos all the eyes
still dance in every single night
to look down upon a people
frantic when a fragment
of their roots surfaces
in black and white
eye know
eye watch
how others look
upon how others act upon
their bubbling bodies of chemicals
and triggers and choices to pull those
triggers and jab those blades and 
dose those poisons in public
or in secret but never really
for in deepest of depths
and darkest of skies
amidst the chaos
stirs the pool
of eyes

Monday, October 10, 2016

Were I a wolf

the growling behind me
the snarling breath
on my neck
the jagged piercing
of a jaw full of fangs
the heated adrenaline
coursing through my veins

the beast who knew me
when I took my first breath
the beast who lingers
by my side until death

the tidal waves of rage
the words exploding
with shrapnel
the boiling blood
within this furnace
the stabbing glares
in their hateful pureness

the beast who knows me
in the darkness and deed
the beast who follows
until it chooses to lead

the vengeful thirst
the bottomless well
to drink from
the constant wound
wailing in the night
the sleepless phantoms
rising from the blight

the beast who'll know me
the taste of my blood and soul
the beast who's with me
even when the moon's not full

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Night visit

not a hellish host
nor a pantheon of pain
savoring demons
but just one
lonely imp yearning
for a bite
into misery

it first scampered
down the hall
and clung to the
door frame with
its claws digging
into the wood

it then bolted under
the bed where
it started to dig
through springs
and foam and other
mattress mess
until it reached the pillow

it soon sank
its teeth into hair
and scalp and skull
gulping all it could
and crawled into the brain

it nestled there
pulling on the tangled
veins and cords
and relished the warm
bed within the head

its host was jerked
from sleep with
screams of tormenting
pressure as the imp
reclined with its feet
thrust behind the eyes
and the constant gnashing
of the imp's sharp teeth
clinched the poor host's
temples tight and bound

the strike of one
then two, three and four
were decades in this
pit of pain the imp so
savored deep within
only when the strike
of seven when the light
shown down from heaven
did the imp screech in fear
and fled from the aching,
marred and afflicted head

Saturday, October 8, 2016


the mindless masses
of blank stares reflecting
blank faces staring at
blank pages while
flipping through the
book of this machine

'tis a dreamish world
fuzzy round the edges
while the barks and bites
snip at their heels
but too numb to feel
too drowsy to care
too zombielicious
these earthly vampires

drinking fluoridic
sugar coated cocktails
the big gulps no less
never to say no to more
they've latched on
to their monstrous
mother's teats to suck,
suck, suckle her dry and gray

huzzah to the beasts
that meander and sway
through the torn up corridors
of this barbed wire dream
and gnaw and chew and
feast on the flies they catch
that feed on the fecal
heaps they leave in their wake
for all of this 'tis a
simple cannibalistic ponder
'tis true when they
say absinthe makes the
heart grow fonder

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I felt the wings of the flies
the vibrating bits of film
on the backs of opportunists
their master cracked the whip
over their heads in thunder
as I made my bed in mud
their dance over my flesh
were constant tides in the
coming and going and taking
when the sun had rose and
set again, I laid still
slowly I was carried away
by all the tiny feet and fangs
by all the things that cry
out in the dark and shadows
the young flies tore through
my skin with their ravenous
appetites and thirst for blood
the beetles and grubs feasted
on my once hidden organs
now exposed and dispersing
the canine teeth and stabbing
beaks were invited all too soon
and broken bits I became
my left hand dragged off
after being severed at the wrist
every joint became a challenge
for gnawing teeth and
crushing, starving jaws
once my tissues had been
taken and my bones were
yellow hollowed out husks
the sun stole the color of
my lingering hair and
bleached my bones dry
and rains and trees conspired
in taking the memory of me
by splattering my leftovers
with mud and blanketing
them with fallen leaves

Monday, October 3, 2016

The bare woods

the year sighs
the trees strip
the darkness grows
the clock ticks
and the veil runs thin
through the bare woods

where each step echoes
in sloshing crackle leaves
and shattered twigs
in dusk of the twilight
of the year the light wanes
and winds roar
and bodies ache and
creak just as their
naked counterparts
swaying in the bare woods

retreats the light and
the life that burned bright
just weeks before
of vivid hues that drip
off limb and bough to
puddle on the faded grass
the skin wears thin
for those in the bare woods

faces gray and ashen lay
among silken strands
and broken hands who
held the heat and day
creeps the cold on spider
legs to spin the web and
bound its prey in stiffness
pain, in frozen rain that clings
to flesh in the bare woods

Sunday, October 2, 2016


the pool, a reflection
as black as blood
in the full moon light
it puddled there
in the midnight air
on the ground
without a sound
no time for a gasp
to quick the strike
sudden, from behind
ceasing the cry
blinding the eye
to know whom it sees
within the pool

Monday, September 26, 2016

Movement of trees

they only choose to move
when the persistent winds
persuade them to

and when the heat has
drank its fill of any
remaining drops of life
and when the wind hurls
insults through July
into August
they only lazily toss
about like tails
of napping cats
in the afternoon

yet when the world
turns too fast in turning
seasons when cold
and heat are restless lovers
beneath the sheets
they are the ladies losing
lace handkerchiefs in
all the fashionable colors

and when the cold
penetrates the soil to
tell the worms it's time
to sleep and dream
they haven't a care
to move at all

but when the tempest
roars through the 
evening skies in thundering
splendor and shock
they humbly bow low
to the bellow of the breeze
this the movement of trees

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


heart defective lips
the scalpel blade to slice
indifferent of blood
adulterating the life
left scarred and maimed

what's said is sowed
into the soil of the soul
and will expand
pouring in behind
eyes that have no voice

now all sealed shut
the window within window
rattling in the wind
giving in eventually
to the unrelenting pain

shock soon follows
as words shatter in the cold
and left is the shell
leaving it behind
to reach for the divine

The written world